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Cyclone Publications


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Cyclone Manuals, Guidelines and Brochures

DFES_Cyclone_Smart-Community_Alert_Card.pdfCyclone Smart - Community Alert Card515 KB
CYCLONE_SMART.pdfCyclone Smart Brochure1979 KB
Fridge_Magnet.pdfFridge Magnet345 KB
Tropical-Cyclone-Preparedness-Guide.pdfTropical Cyclone Preparedness Guide1070 KB

 Cyclone Smart Cards Translated

1383 KB
1251 KB
1211 KB
1381 KB
Tagalog_-_ Cyclone_Smart.pdf
1234 KB
1325 KB
1151 KB

Fact Sheets

DFES-Cyclone_and_Flood-Cyclone_Alert_System.pdfFact Sheet 1 - Cyclone Alert System
DFES-Cyclone_and_Flood-Emergency_Kit.pdfFact Sheet 2 - Emergency Kit
DFES-Cyclone_and_Flood-Relocation_Kit.pdfFact Sheet 3 - Relocation Kit
DFES-Cyclone_and_Flood-Driving_in_Flood_Waters.pdfFact Sheet 4 - Driving in Flood Waters
DFES-Cyclone_and_Flood-Preparing_Your_Home_and_Property.pdfFact Sheet 5 - Preparing Your Home and Property
DFES-Cyclone_and_Flood-Travelling_During_the_Wet_Season.pdfFact Sheet 6 - Travelling During the Wet Season
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Cyclone Multimedia

Learning from the Past, Preparing for the Future

Learning from the Past, Preparing for the Future focuses on historical cyclone and flood events in Exmouth & Port Hedland.

The video looks at some of the major events that have impacted the regions, including stories shared by those who experienced them first hand. It also provides advice on how people living in cyclone and flood risk areas can prepare themselves and their properties.

Cyclone Alley

Tropical cyclones are the greatest storms on earth, releasing in one day as much heat and energy as four hundred, 20 megaton bombs. This film explains how you can prepare for these extremely dangerous natural disasters. The safety messages are reinforced by the stories of three women who fought to save their families and homes during Tropical Cyclones Elaine and Vance.

Click here to view the video. Windows Media Player is required.A free DVD can be obtained by contacting DFES (Duration: 37 minutes)